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Lesson 01 - Prophetic History of the World
The Goal of these lessons is to present
the TRUTH as it is in Jesus.
The book of Revelation is a revelation of Jesus.
What great themes are hidden in the prophetic
language of Scripture?
We hope you learn more about Jesus, His
character and his plan for your life.

Lesson 1(downloadable pdf file)

In revealing future events to His disciples, Jesus called their attention to the book of Daniel, in which future events-the rise and fall of nations-were laid out, showing a picture of things to come from the time of Daniel to the close of this earth’s history. At the time of Daniel the nation of Israel was in captivity in Babylon. Daniel, with other of the Hebrew princes, had been given a special education a position as one of the wise men in the Babylonian court. A short time later, Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, summoned the wise men of his kingdom to a meeting.
1.   For what purpose was this meeting?     Daniel 2:3 
2.   How did the wise men reply?     Daniel 2:10, 11 
3.   Who was able to give the king an understanding of his dream?     Daniel 2:27, 28
NOTE: It was in a vision of the night that God revealed to Daniel the dream that the king had seen. It was also revealed to Daniel that it was God who had given the king this dream, telling him what was to take place in the future. See Daniel 2:19, 28, 29.
4.   What had the king seen?     Daniel 2:31
5.   Of what was this image composed?     Daniel 2:32, 33:
     Breast and Arms:
     Belly and Thighs:
6.   What then happened to the image?     Daniel 2:34, 35
7.   Whom did the head of gold represent?     Daniel 2:37, 38
8.   How would the second kingdom compare with Babylon?     Daniel 2:39
9.   What kingdom was this?     Daniel 5:28-31
10. By what metal was Greece represented?     Daniel 2:39
11. What is said of the fourth kingdom?     Daniel 2:40
12. What is indicated by the mixture of clay and iron in the feet and toes?     Daniel 2:41-43
13. What is to take place in the days of the kings represented by the feet and the toes?     Daniel 2:44

14. Who is referred to as a Rock in the Bible?     Deuteronomy 32:3, 4
15. What is the alternative to having the Rock fall on us?     Matthew 21:44
NOTE: We are faced with the choice of either falling on the Rock, or of having the Rock fall on us. In either case there is a breaking process, but when we fall upon the Rock, it is a breaking of our hard and sinful hearts (See Psalms 51:17), that Christ might create in us a new heart. Psalm 51:10. If however, we wait for the Rock to fall upon us, it will be to our everlasting loss. See Ezekiel 18:31
16. What may we also become?     1 Peter 2:5
17. As “living stones”, upon whom are we building?     Ephesians 2:19, 20
NOTE: While Christ, the chief cornerstone, is an offense to the disobedient (See 1 Peter 2:7, 8), He is the security in time of storm to those who have chosen to identify themselves with Him. See Matthew 7:24, 25
18. What reveals that we are indeed a part of the Rock?     1 John 2:3
NOTE: Whether or not we are in union with Christ is revealed in the matter of obedience. It is not possible for us to be walking with Christ and at the same time be antagonistic to any principle of His Law. Amos 3:3. Many in the last day will claim a relationship with Christ (See Matthew 7:22, 23), only to have Christ disclaim them as His own, for the reason that their works did not correspond to His revealed will.