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Lesson 02 - Four Kingdoms and a Horn
The Goal of these lessons is to present
the TRUTH as it is in Jesus.
The book of Revelation is a revelation of Jesus.
What great themes are hidden in the prophetic
language of Scripture?
We hope you learn more about Jesus, His
character and his plan for your life.
Lesson 2(downloadable pdf file)

Picture cartoons are a very popular method of communicating a thought or an idea that, in most cases, could not be said as well with words, or if it could be, would require many words to do so. We are all familiar with some of the symbols that are used. Frequently animal symbols are used to represent either political parties or nations. We quickly recognize the symbol of an eagle as representing the United States, just as a bear represents Russia. So it is with some of the visions that Daniel was given. In the vision recorded in Chapter 7 the Lord showed him the future of the  world, presenting  the world  powers as animals with characteristics that revealed something about the nations they represented.
1.   Who was the king at the time of this vision of Daniel?     Daniel 7:1
NOTE: At the time of this vision the kingdom of Babylon was soon to fall. It was conquered by the Medes and Persians during the reign of Belshazzar, Nebudchadnezzar’s grandson.
2.   What did Daniel see?     Daniel 7:2
3.   What does water represent in prophecy?     Revelation 17:15
4.   What does wind represent in prophecy?     Jeremiah 49:35-37
NOTE:  In the Bible wind can represent strife, commotion and war. See Jeremiah  25:31-33 and Zechariah 7:14.
5.   What resulted from this strife?     Daniel 7:3
6.   What was represented by these beasts?     Daniel 7:17
NOTE: Since four universal kingdoms were introduced in Chapter 2, covering all the time from Daniel to the time when Christ will set up his universal kingdom, we may know that these four beasts or animals represent the same kingdoms.
7.   What beast represented Babylon, the first kingdom?     Daniel 7:4
NOTE: We notice that the kingdom began with wings. This represented the speed with which Babylon under Nebudchadnezzar conquered nations. See Habukkuk 1:6 & 8.

8.   What beast followed, representing the second kingdom?     Daniel 7:5
NOTE: The ribs represented three provinces which were treated particularly harshly by the Persians: Babylon, Lydia, and Egypt.
9.   What was the third beast like?     Daniel 7:6
10. What did the fourth beast represent?    Daniel 7:23 
NOTE:  At the battle of Pydna in 168 BC, Rome replaces Greece as the controlling world Empire.
11. What did the ten horns that came up out of this fourth beast represent?     Daniel 7:24
NOTE: For over 100 years the barbarian tribes attacked Rome. Its fall was complete in AD 476, and Europe was divided into various sections, each ruled by a different barbarian tribe.
12. What came up after the first ten horns?     Daniel 7:8
13. What change took place in the first ten horns?     Daniel 7:24
NOTE: We see that in order for this new power to come in, three of the original kingdoms had to be subdued, or overthrown.
14. What kind of words did this horn speak?     Daniel 7:25
15. How would this power treat God’s true people?     Daniel 7:25
16. What did this horn think he could change?    Daniel 7:25
NOTE: This text could not mean that he would try to change the laws of men, because this happens all the time and wouldn’t be anything unusual. If however, the law that he would try to change were God’s law, then this attempt would be important, especially since Jesus said that not even the smallest part of the law would change, as long as heaven and earth remained. See Matthew 5:17-20.