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Lesson 03 - God's Solution to the Sin Problem - 1
The Goal of these lessons is to present
the TRUTH as it is in Jesus.
The book of Revelation is a revelation of Jesus.
What great themes are hidden in the prophetic
language of Scripture?
We hope you learn more about Jesus, His
character and his plan for your life.
Lesson 3 - (downloadable pdf file)

In the Book of Daniel there are four outlines of world history. Each of these outlines covers the history of the world from the time of Daniel to the end of the world, but each shows this history from a different perspective and tells details that are uniquely different from the other outlines.

At the time the book of Daniel was written Israel was in captivity. They had lost their kingdom and had no king.
The temple lay in ruins, and they needed deliverance. Because of their failure to follow God’s leading, they failed of fulfilling His purpose for them. Consequently, they were never restored. While they were eventually released from captivity, most of the descendants of those taken captive never returned to their homeland. Though free to reestablish themselves, they were forever subject to a foreign power, and the dream of national greatness forever eluded them. They sought to restore the sanctuary, but never was it able to rival the former structure in size or beauty; but most significantly, the Ark of the covenant was never returned to its sacred resting place in the Most Holy Place, nor did the Shekinah glory ever again grace its precincts with its presence.

In Daniel 2 we saw the God of heaven establish a kingdom which could never pass away. In Chapter 7 we saw that it is in the judgment that Christ receives His kingdom, becoming the King of all true Israel. In this present outline we will see the promise of the restoration of the true sanctuary, of which this earthly sanctuary was a shadow.
1. While in vision, what creature was Daniel shown standing on the banks of the river?     Daniel 8:3
2. What nation was Daniel told this beast represented?     Daniel 8:20
3. In what direction did the ram push?     Daniel 8:4
4. What beast approached the ram, overcoming him?     Daniel 8:5
5. What nation did this nation represent?     Daniel 8:21
NOTE: Notice that the ram pushed west, and north, and to the south. The goat pushed east and north and to the south. As Persia was on the eastern side of the empire when it conquered the empire, it had to push from the east toward the other three directions. Greece, on the other hand, was on the far western part of the empire; it had to come from the west pushing toward the east and north and south. The fact that the details are so carefully given and are so specific is important in helping us to determine what nation follows Greece.
6. What did the notable horn represent?     Daniel 8:21
7. When it was broken, what came up in the place of this horn?     Daniel 8:22
NOTE: Within a few years of the death of Alexander the Great the empire which he had built was divided in four parts. None of these four parts ever attained to the strength of the original kingdom.
8. What did Daniel then see emerging?     Daniel 8:9
9.  What was said with regard to the greatness of this little horn?     Daniel 8:9
NOTE:  The Persian empire was said to be great and the empire of Grecia very great. This horn, however, is said to be exceeding great, or great beyond measure. We may know from this that the power represented by the little horn would reach a level of greatness not attained by either Persia or Greece.

This horn obviously represents the Roman Empire, and yet there are some things about it that show it is more than that. It could not be said of the Roman Empire that it was broken without hands, because the Roman Empire fell to the barbarians. We also saw in Chapter 7 that a great deal that was said about the little horn is said about this horn.
10. What did this power cause to be cast to the ground?     Daniel 8:11
11.  After how long a period of time would the sanctuary be restored?     Daniel 8:14
NOTE: When speaking prophetically, a day represents an actual year of time. Thus 2300 days would actually represent 2300 years. See Numbers 14:34 and Ezekiel 4:6.
12. What was Daniel told with regard to the time of the fulfillment of the 2300 days?     Daniel 8:17
13. What then happened to Daniel?     Daniel 8:27
NOTE:  Daniel did not understand the vision. He knew that the time of the release of God’s people from captivity was near at hand. He also knew, however, that their captivity was the result of their insubordination and rebellion against God and that their restoration was subject to their repentance and returning to God. When, therefore, the angel Gabriel told him that the restoration of the sanctuary was a long time in the future, he greatly feared that the period of captivity was being extended far into the future.