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Lesson 04 - God's Solution to the Sin Problem - 2
The Goal of these lessons is to present
the TRUTH as it is in Jesus.
The book of Revelation is a revelation of Jesus.
What great themes are hidden in the prophetic
language of Scripture?
We hope you learn more about Jesus, His
character and his plan for your life.
Lesson 4(downloadable pdf file)

A part of the vision that had been given to Daniel had been closed up. Daniel 8:26. We know that it was not the part about the ram and the he-goat, because this part of the vision had been revealed and explained to Daniel in an earlier vision. Not only had it been revealed and explained in two earlier visions, but it was also taking place, or about to, before their very eyes. There was, however, a part of the vision that was not to be fulfilled for many days, for it related to a far distant time; this is the part that was to be sealed up.
1. What was Daniel very concerned about at this time?     Daniel 9:1, 2
2. What did this lead him to do?     Daniel 9:3
3. What particularly troubled Daniel at this time?     Daniel 9:17
NOTE:   Daniel knew that, as a people, they were in captivity because of their failure to be obedient to God. When the angel told him that the sanctuary was to be cleansed at some very distant future time, Daniel was greatly troubled. The only sanctuary he knew anything about lay in ruins in Jerusalem; and he feared that because of the spiritual condition of his people, their captivity was being extended for a much longer period of time.
4. While he was praying about the desolation of the temple, who appeared to him?     Daniel 9:21
5.  For what reason did the angel say he had come?    Daniel 9:22, 23
6. What rule do we use for reckoning prophetic days?     Ezekiel 4:5, 6
NOTE: So Ezekiel 4:6, “‘I have appointed thee each day for a year,’ when the prophet was symbolically to bear the iniquity of Israel as many days as they had sinned years. In this usage we find authority for interpreting days in prophecy as denoting ‘years.’” George Bush, Professor of Hebrew and Oriental Literature in New York City University, Notes on Numbers 14:34.
7. What period of time did Gabriel tell Daniel was determined or decreed upon his people?     Daniel 9:24
NOTE: Seventy weeks multiplied by seven days is 490 days. The 490 years would then be a period of time especially belonging to or pertaining to the Jews that was cut off from the total time of 2300 years.
8. When did the angel indicate that the 70 weeks were to begin?     Daniel 9:25
NOTE: There were actually three decrees issued allowing the Jews to return, but they culminated in the most complete one given by Artaxerxes in 457 BC, restoring Jerusalem’s political authority. See Ezra 6:14. Since no starting time had been given for the beginning of the 2300 days, and as the 70 weeks formed a part of it, and were to cut from it, we may know that the starting date given for the 70 weeks was also the beginning of the 2300 days.
9. When, according to the angel, was the prophecy of the 2300 days to be fulfilled?     Daniel 8:17
NOTE: That is to say, the complete fulfillment of the dream vision was to be in the time of the end.
10. How long was it to be from the going forth of the decree until Christ?     Daniel 9:25
NOTE: The word Messiah means “the Anointed.”
11. How was Jesus anointed?     Acts 10:38
12. At what time did Jesus receive the special anointing of the Holy Spirit?     Luke 3:21, 22
NOTE:  According to Luke 3:1-3, John the Baptist began preaching in the fifteenth year of Tiberius. Tiberius began to reign together with his father in AD 12 making AD 27 his fifteenth year.
13. At the close of the 483 years in AD 27 one week or seven years remained of the 70 weeks. What was to occur in the middle of that week?     Daniel 9:27
NOTE: Soon after His baptism Jesus came to Galilee preaching, “The time is fulfilled.” See Mark 1:15. The time that was fulfilled was the 69 weeks of Daniel 9. Three and a half years later, in the spring of AD 31, He was crucified, thus bringing to an end the system of sacrifices. See Matthew 27:51.
 There yet remained 1810 of the original 2300 days. By the addition of 1810 to 34, the time appointed for the cleansing of the sanctuary (See Daniel 8:14) falls in October 1844