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Lesson 06 - Christ's Second Coming
The Goal of these lessons is to present
the TRUTH as it is in Jesus.
The book of Revelation is a revelation of Jesus.
What great themes are hidden in the prophetic
language of Scripture?
We hope you learn more about Jesus, His
character and his plan for your life.
(Noah’s Ark: Found by Ron Wyatt)  
Lesson 6 - (downloadable pdf file)

Throughout the Bible there is one great theme: God’s love for a lost and rebellious race. The climax of that theme and the event towards which the faithful of all ages have looked with eager anticipation is the reunion of the redeemed with their Redeemer at Jesus’ second coming.

1. What was Jesus’ promise to the disciples?   John 14:1-3

2. How did Jesus describe His second coming?   Luke 21:27

3. At the time He went to heaven, what were the disciples told regarding the way in which He would return?   Acts 1:10-11

4. How plainly will His coming be seen?   Matthew 24:27; Revelation 1:7

5. How does Paul refer to Jesus’ appearing?   Titus 2:13

6. What important event will take place at Jesus’ second coming?   1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

7. What did Jesus say would appear before He came back?   Matthew 24:23-26

8. How will these false christs and false prophets appear?   2 Corinthians 11:14-15

9. What ultimate deception will they be able to perform?   Revelation 13:13

10. How will we be able to know true prophets from false ones?   Isaiah 8:20
NOTE:  In this end time of the world’s history, we will not be able to depend on our senses (the things we can see, hear, and feel), because Satan’s agents, using his power, will be able to counterfeit many of the miracles performed by the power of Jesus in the past. Only by the fact that they will not uphold God’s law, or some part of it, will we be able to know with certainty what spirit and what power is working through them.

11. What did Jesus reprove the leaders of Israel for in His day?   Matthew 16:2-3
NOTE: Despite the prophecies pointing to the life and work of Christ, and the overwhelming evidence He gave them through the mighty works that He did, the vast majority of the people were not prepared to receive Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah.

12. What did Jesus say the world conditions would be just before He returned?   Luke 21:25-26,31

13. Why do conditions continue to get worse, even though men in government struggle to bring world peace and prosperity?   Jeremiah 8:9

14. What is the root of the problems that face the world?   2 Timothy 3:1-5

15. Will conditions get any better?   2 Timothy 3:13

16. What will men be saying, however?   1 Thessalonians 5:2-3

17. What will people be saying about Jesus’ return as the time draws closer?   2 Peter 3:3-4

18. Why does Jesus wait so long?   2 Peter 3:9-10

19. Will the people living on the earth, as a whole, be ready to meet Him?   Luke 17:26-30

20. What were the conditions in Noah’s day?   Genesis 6:5

21. Has the exact time of Christ’s return been revealed?   Matthew 24:36

22. In view of this fact, how does Christ tell us to prepare for that glorious event?   Matthew 24:42

Because of the great love that He had for us, God paid an infinite price to ransom us, that He might bring us back to be with Him and to share the joys of heaven with a life that never ends. Yet, at the end of time there will be many who will not be prepared to meet Him and will be eternally lost; for them the great sacrifice will be in vain. By God’s grace may we find ourselves a part of those waiting ones who will be able to look up and say, “Lo, this is our God; we have waited for Him and He will save us.” Isaiah 25:9