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Lesson 11 - The Christian Church Victorious
The Goal of these lessons is to present the TRUTH as it is in Jesus. The book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus. What great themes are hidden in the prophetic language of the Scripture? We hope you learn more about Jesus, His character and His plan for your life.

Lesson 11 - 
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Adam did not consider what would be the consequences of disobedience. He did not set his mind in defiance against God, nor did he in any way speak against God; he simply went directly contrary to His express command. But by his disobedience he lost his garden home and forfeited his right to life.
1.   In addressing the church at Ephesus, what did Christ promise the overcomer?     Revelation 2:7
NOTE: The reference here is to the tree of life in the New Jerusalem. See Revelation 22:2, 14. To those who obey, the Word of God is the tree of life. See John 6:63. It possesses the elements necessary for the formation of a perfect character, and upon the effect which its teaching produces in us depends our destiny for eternity. Christ, who is the living Word (See John 1:1), is also our source of life, of which the tree of life is a representation. To those who come to Him He gives spiritual life. See John 4:14; 1:12, 13; 6:63.
2.   What was promised to the faithful in the persecuted church of Smyrna?     Revelation 2:10
NOTE: Trials are not the smallest blessings that come to us. Through them we may gain a better knowledge of God than through any other experience, for by them we learn to trust God in the dark. Instead of allowing these experiences to hinder, oppress, and destroy us, we are to use them as God’s means of enabling us to gain the victory over self. Though for a time the faith of God’s faithful ones may be tested, those who sincerely love God will not be left to be overwhelmed. Jesus comes to their side. He speaks to them, encouraging them, seeking to draw their attention to the future reward: “be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.”
3.   What two things were promised to the overcomers in Pergamos?     Revelation 2:17
NOTE: In Bible times the name given was significant, and often indicative of a character trait, as that of Jacob. See Genesis 27:36. When, however, Jacob had repented and gained the victory in his life, God changed his name to reflect the change in character. See Genesis 32:28. To all those who overcome, God will give a new name, one indicative of their victory and the character that by the power of God has been wrought out in their lives. See Isaiah 62:2; 65:15 and Revelation 3:12.
4.   What promise was given the church of Thyatira?     Revelation 2:24-28
NOTE: In Jeremiah 1:10, the Lord made a similar promise to Jeremiah. In considering the life of Jeremiah we have to appreciate that it was in the matter of standing firmly for truth, and the world’s inability to mute his message or force him to compromise with evil, that  he truly ruled over them.  In their response  to the  messages of
truth that Jeremiah bore, the future of the nations was determined. In this sense Jeremiah affected their destiny. “The prince of this world cometh,” Jesus said, “and hath nothing in Me.” See John 14:30. There was in Christ nothing that responded to Satan’s temptations. Not even by a thought did He yield His integrity. It is this experience that Christ seeks to give us, so that by being united to Him by faith sin will no longer have dominion over us. When this is accomplished, our connection with Christ will be complete (see 1 John 2:4, 5), and Christ, the “Day Star,” will truly be in our hearts (See 2 Peter 1:19), manifesting Himself in fruits of righteousness.
5.   Very little life remained in Sardis. What was the promise to the faithful few?     Revelation 3:5
NOTE: When we become children of God, our names are written in the books of haven, See Luke 10:20. From this text, however, it is clear that names are not only written in the book of life, but they can also be removed, or blotted from this book of records. Jesus’ prayer for His disciples was not that they be taken from the world, but that they be kept, by the power of God, from becoming partakers of its spirit. See John 17:15. By revealing to others the love of Christ, we confess to the world our relationship to Him. See John 15:17; 17:21. Those who confess Him before men, He will confess before His Father in heaven. See Matthew 10:32.
6.   What promise is given to Philadelphia?     Revelation 3:12
NOTE: The word for “name” implies character. We are only able to overcome by the power of Christ dwelling in us. The overcomer’s reception of the divine character is here referred to. The reception of Christ’s name is the confirmation of His ownership. The fact that they have the name of the New Jerusalem implies that the victorious person is a resident of that city and has a right to reside there. See Revelation 22:14. The term “pillar” is obviously a figure of speech and implies a permanent and important place in the very presence of God.
7.   What promise is given to Laodicea, the last of the seven churches?     Revelation 3:21
NOTE: This Church had been faithfully instructed by Paul, and labored with (see Colossians 2:1; 4:16) but this effort had not met with positive results. In their condition is seen the results of the failure to respond to the messages of the Lord. But, as with the prodigal son, if those who have squandered their God-given blessings will return to the Father, willing to become obedient children, He will welcome them, setting them beside Himself in His kingdom. See Luke 15:11-24.
            When this earth’s history shall close, there will be only two groups of individuals-the righteous and the wicked. Every man, woman, and child will be found in one of these two groups. Through continued transgression one group will have shown themselves unfit to regain that which was lost. Those, however, who through the grace of Christ have rendered acceptable obedience, will find an abundant welcome into the beautiful Eden restored.
Write the meaning of each church name:
1. Ephesus: ____________________________
2. Smyrna: ____________________________
3. Pergamos: __________________________
4. Thyatira: ___________________________
5. Sardis: _____________________________
6. Philadelphia: ________________________
7. Laodicea:  ___________________________