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Lesson 18 - The Last Nation in Prophecy
Lesson 18 - (downloadable pdf file)

The last nation brought to view in prophecy is found in the last part of Revelation 13. The nation is represented by a beast that is different from the others. When we look at the beasts of Daniel 7 and the one in the first part of Revelation 13, we notice that they are fierce and wild animals. But by contrast, this one is said to look like a lamb; nothing is more gentle and harmless than a lamb. Strangely enough though, when it speaks, it speaks like a dragon, and nothing could be more ferocious and fierce than a dragon.
1.   From where did this beast come?     Revelation 13:11
2.   From where had the first beast in this chapter come?     Revelation 13:1
NOTE: Compare this with Daniel 7:3.
3.   What was represented by water?     Revelation 17:15
NOTE: If water represents people and nations, we would then understand this lamb-like power to arise from an area where there were few people.
4.   When was this beast to arise?     Revelation 13:10-12
NOTE: This beast arose from the earth about the time the first beast received its wound. You will remember that the wound to the first beast was given in 1798, when the pope was taken prisoner by the French. There is only one nation that was beginning at that time, and that nation is the United States of America.
5.   Who in the Bible is represented by a lamb?     John 1:29
NOTE: Because a lamb is a representation of Jesus, we would understand that this nation would appear Christian and gentle in appearance. As for the horns a horn can represent a nation or kingdom, or even a part of that kingdom, as we saw in Daniel 8 where the two horns on the ram represented the two nations of the Medes and Persians, making up the Medo-Persian Empire. The he-goat with the notable horn represented the first king of Greece. The United States is represented by the lamblike beast; its two horns represent the two great principles upon which this nation was founded - civil and religious liberty.
6.   Who is represented by a dragon in the Scriptures?     Revelation 12:9
NOTE: While this beast looked Christ-like, when it spoke it would not be with the gentleness of Christ, but with the voice of Satan.
7. What will the beast with the lamb-like horns say?     Revelation 13:14
8.   How will the people be led to form this image?     Revelation 13:14 (first part) 
9.   How fully will it exercise the power of the first beast to command worship of that beast?      Revelation 13:12
NOTE: During the many centuries that the first beast dominated the politics of the world, it ruthlessly stamped out all opposition to its dogma, putting to death all who differed from it in religious faith.
10. To what extent will the United States help to restore to the papacy its former power?           Revelation 13:15
NOTE: We see that the United States, for many years the bastion of religious freedom, will become intolerant and despotic in enforcing religious laws.
11. What does this second beast require all to receive?     Revelation 13:16
12. What is the threat used to force people to receive this mark?     Revelation 13:17
13. During this time of persecution, what is promised God’s people?     Isaiah 33:15, 16
14. What is said regarding those who perish in the persecution that will come upon God’s people?
Revelation 14:13
15. Who only will refuse to bow to this apostasy?     Revelation 13:8
16. Where did John see those who were persecuted finally standing?     Revelation 15:2
17. What punishment will fall on those who join in this worldwide apostasy?     Revelation 14:9, 10
            Already there are shadows of the approaching night as it casts its shadows before it. In the establishment of a formal diplomatic mission with the Vatican, the United States has given official recognition to the Church of Rome. In the efforts of some religious groups we see an attempt to establish laws favorable to religious practice; laws promoting prayer in public schools or for Sunday sacredness. All such legislation, no matter how good the stated reasons, is aimed at creating a breach in the wall separating church and state. This opens the way for the religious intolerance of the past to be repeated with oppression and persecution. 
Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.   Revelation 2:10