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Premier Program

The Premier Program is prepared for serious Christians - especially Sabbath keepers and others interested in the beginning of the Seventh-Day Adventist movement in the mid and later 1800's.  This four-year high school, or six-year junior high through high school curriculum is plotted to cover all required subject areas and to prepare the Christian student for a life of service beginning with this program - beginning now.

By carefully correlating English Literature and the historical advance of truth, in spite of error promoted at the hand of the adversary of souls, world history will progress through all six or four years they are enrolled with Moore Academy.  It will show the two paths mankind has taken - either the Kingdom of Light or the Kingdom of Darkness.  The student looks at God's original plan for mankind; then how "paganism" was introduced and flourishes even today throughout the world.  He becomes acquainted with God's faithful followers who have held to Bible truth throughout history in spite of persecution and difficulties.  The differences then in who we worshiphow we worship, and the results of that worship are made plain so that students will not see history as a smattering of dates and wars with big name history figures; instead they will have a solid base for making good personal decisions with those witnesses of God who serve as valuable models and setters of inspiration.  

This outstanding study will bring students into a more comprehensive view of the world we live in today; and as the big picture of our world's history unfolds, into a closer relationship with Jesus.  By reading biographies and autobiographies of great men in history, the student will be studying God's intervention in the lives of mankind as "world history" unfolds before him  in all the high school years.  The Premier Program's purposeful literature program develops research and language skills.

The arts, as well, are correlated into the base program and become service to others and a glory to God.  The program promotes health and Godly exercise fitting the student for practical work and service in teens as well as adult life.  Math and the Sciences are studied from a Christian perspective also, integrated into personal work applications.

The student receives a full Curriculum Guide, then 4 evaluations by submitting four quarterly reports at the end of each quarter.  Your personal consultant is always available by phone or email.  A transcript and diploma is provided fully preparing the student for college entrance where students are usually accepted based on the results of a GED, and/or an acceptable SAT score.  Only by our insistence of not belonging to an accrediting corporation are we able to continue to pursue unique but proven methods such as this creative Premier Program.  Please call Ellen at 541-825-3663 if you have questions.