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Nyla and the White Crocodile
Nyla and the White Crocodile | 2799

Belief in spirits and curses ran wild among the river peoples of Borneo's deep jungle. When the huge white crocodile appeared in the creek below Chief Ladah's village, Malik, the witch doctor, said the village was cursed and the chief had to make a great sacrifice to save them. Nyla, the chief's daughter, was the one the crocodile wanted, but Ladah refused to sacrifice the girl to the "Great White One." Poojee, the Christian teacher, was not afraid of the crocodile and told the villagers about the God of heaven who is greater than all curses in the world. The people started to believe in Poojee's God, but when Nyla fell into the raging river and disappeared, everyone feared the worst. Had the white crocodile eaten Nyla? Read and find out! SB, 128 pages.
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