Premier Program:


The Full Service Premier Program, is an individualized study prepared for serious Christian students looking to the return of Jesus. This four-year High School curriculum covers all required subject areas while preparing the Christian student for the ministering to others in

this world, whether at home or abroad.

By correlating English Literature and world history through all four grade levels, the student will see the two paths mankind has taken, that of Darkness or of Light. The student is introduced to God’s original plan for mankind, and then, how “paganism” was introduced and flourishes even today throughout the world. He becomes acquainted with God’s faithful followers who have held to Bible Truth throughout history in spite of much persecution. The difference then in Whom we worship, how we worship, and the results of that worship is made plain.


This outstanding study will bring students into a more comprehensive view of the world we live in today, as the big picture of our world’s history unfolds, bringing the student into a closer relationship with Jesus. By reading biographies and autobiographies of great men in history, the student will be studying God’s intervention in the lives of mankind as “world history” unfolds before him in all the high school years. The Premier Program’s purposeful literature program develops research and language skills as well.

The arts also are correlated into the base program and become service to others and a glory to God. The program promotes health and godly exercise fitting the student for practical work and service in adult life. Math and Sciences are studied from a Christian perspective, integrated into personal work applications.

Jesus taught by incorporating all the senses and using multiple learning styles and multiple intelligence-measure approaches to learning. Therefore, we strive to approach teaching and learning from many approaches and perspectives, but always Bible-based, and always with a view toward growing in grace and of valuing that which is of value to God.

Those who wish to enroll in the Full Service Program are assigned a Consultant who does an individualized assessment and placement for the student within the Four Year Program. Each year, a full Curriculum Guide is provided and four quarterly reports are evaluated. Your personal consultant is always available by phone or email. A transcript and Diploma College Entrance is provided at the end of the program.

Please contact us for any further information.