Educational Consulting Services for Grades PreK-12


We help prepare serious Christian student looking to the return of Jesus. 


Emphasizing on Bible and Spirit Of Prophecy based and innovative studies for education grades PreK-12 with educational consultants supporting the parents as teachers.  

Our homeschool program is tailored to fit the student, not the student to the program. This gives the child adequate time to follow his/her interests, even a home business.


When enrolled in our educational consulting services an educational consultant will do an individualized assessment and placement for the student. Our consultants are well qualified educators with a long experience using Moore Formula principles and application.   Each year, a Curriculum Guide is provided and four quarterly reports are evaluated.  Your consultant will thoroughly review your child's work and send you a very detailed evaluation as well as assigning subject grades.  Your consultant is available for unlimited consulting by phone or emailA transcript and diploma for college entrance is provided at the end of the program.

Jesus taught by incorporating all the senses and using multiple learning styles and multiple intelligence-measure approaches to learning. Therefore, we strive to approach teaching and learning from many approaches and perspectives, but always Bible-based, and always with a view toward growing in grace and of valuing that which is of value to God.

  • PreK/ Kindergarten Program - For Preschool children ages 4,  or Kindergarten children ages 5 and 6.  Ten topics of physical and mental skills are explored throughout the school year and include language development, gross motor skill development and exercise, learning to serve in the home, art, Bible, fun with numbers, pre-phonics, nature and science.  Based on the Moore philosophy Better Late Than Early.

  • Elementary Program - Grade levels 1-6:  When you want personalized mentoring, let a dedicated consultant help you develop an educational plan based on your child's interests, learning style, needs and maturity level.  You will receive encouragement, personal assistance, solutions for rough days, inspiration, and motivation for yourself and for learners manifesting a flagging interest.


  • Junior High / Highschool Program - Grade levels 7-12:  Classes are a little more structured at the junior high and high school level since students will be working toward transcripts and diplomas to soon be college bound. The High School curriculum guide covers required subject areas while preparing the Christian student for the ministering to others in this world, whether at home or abroad.  By correlating English Literature and world history through all four grade levels, the student will see the two paths mankind has taken, that of Darkness or of Light. The student is introduced to God’s original plan for mankind, and then, how “paganism” was introduced and flourishes even today throughout the world. He becomes acquainted with God’s faithful followers who have held to Bible Truth throughout history in spite of much persecution. The difference then in Whom we worship, how we worship, and the results of that worship is made plain.  

          This outstanding study will bring students into a more comprehensive view of the world we live in today, as            the big picture of our world’s history unfolds, bringing the student into a closer relationship with Jesus. By              reading biographies and autobiographies of great men in history, the student will be studying God’s                        intervention in the lives of mankind as “world history” unfolds before him in all the high school years.                      The Curriculum Guide's purposeful literature program develops research and language skills as well.

Students do have some room for choices and individual abilities however, and in cases where the family would rather focus on character, the modification can be easily made.  The arts also are correlated into the base program and become service to others and a glory to God.  The formula promotes health and godly exercise fitting the student for practical work and service in adult life.  Math and Sciences are studied from a Christian perspective, integrated into personal work applications.  Even on the high school level we encourage the family to help the student balance his academics with work and service, knowing this ratio and emphasis brings success! 

Universities and colleges are usually very happy to receive students that have studied with the Moore Formula with the high quality education,  however we do recommend you check with your college of choice to ensure you will meet their requirements.  Meanwhile, being non-accredited allows us to continue the special Moore Formula approach for the balanced program so highly prized.  

        Please contact us for any further information.

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Below are partial samples of the curriculum we recommend.   Your consultant will help you individualize your student's program the best way to fit their interests and abilities.  Each Premier Program comes with a reference guide that contains excerpts from the Moore Formula Manual's reference guide.  These should be a great aid for your school year.

Each student in the US gets a spiral bound Premier Program with his or her name on  it.  If the student is outside the US we will provide a digital copy or international mailing fee can be made to have it shipped.





                    Grade 1

                    Grade 2

                    Grade 3

                    Grade 4

                    Grade 5

                    Grade 6

                    Grade 7

                    Grade 8

                    Grade 9

                    Grade 10

                    Grade 11

                    Grade 12







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