Educational Consulting Services for Grades PreK-12


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2024 Consulting Services

  • PreK-3 - $100/month
  • Grade 4-8 - $124/month
  • Grade 9-12 - $158/month
  • Registration Fee $295 (per student)
  • 12 easy payments
  • All prices USD



Educational Consulting Services

We work hand in hand with homeschooling parents providing educational consulting services including:

  • Flexible 12 Month School Year
  • 12 monthly payments (required)
  • Curriculum Guide
  • Monthly Overviews
  • Short Monthly Evaluations (grades PreK-K)
  • Quarterly Evaluations (grades 1-12)
  • Unlimited Consulting (parent initiated)
  • Attendance
  • Transcripts & Diploma 
  • Books Not Included In Pricing



Monthly Payment

  • Online Bill-Pay via Direct Deposit (up to 1-3 days processing)
  • Online Bill-Pay via Bank Check (up to 3 weeks processing)
  • Credit Card via Auto Pay (3% fee , Immediate processing)
  • Invoice via Email (8% fee, immediate processing) 


Ready to enroll?

Please type your answers and email the enrollment forms below in the same PDF format

We will NOT accept any forms that are hand written, scanned, different format or received by snail mail. 

Enrollment deadline is the 15th of the month to allow processing time.  Enrollments received by the 15th will be eligible to begin services on the 1st of the following month.   


The consulting services agreement MUST be digitally signed & certified.  When the previous enrollment forms are received we will email you a link to sign online via Adobe Acrobat Sign. 

The link below is a sample for reference only and not for use! 




Need assistance with enrolling? Please contact us!