Creativity Flourishes With the Moore Formula

by Staff 

John Shindele has done it again! The Moore Foundation office staff were enthralled as a 20 foot timeline relating the history of aviation was unraveled before their eyes. It was just last quarter that we had been blessed with several posters accomplished with equal brilliance. The office walls have been adorned with Shindele's work! Aviation, England's Monarchy, Bible Prophecy, Spanish vocabulary... These are a few in John's intricately prepared "poster and timeline series." It is my understanding too, that if you were to quiz John on each of his "works," you will need to be ready for quite an adventure.


John Schindele, Moore Academy 10th grader, with his violin teacher Mrs. Fontana
John Schindele, Moore Academy 10th grader, with his violin teacher Mrs. Fontana

Not only does John show talent as an artist, he is also a gifted musician. His love for the violin is fulfilled as a member of the Livingston Symphony Orchestra and his church orchestra. He hit the big time when the local high school started paying him as a professional to play for their special programs. The local nursing home too, has been blessed with his music. 

This past spring John took part in a home schooling program where he and a number of chosen students actually sat in session in their state legislature and did a mock session in which each had to be prepared to argue their stand on whatever bill was put before them. Much of what they had to say was impromptu, so it was important that they were well versed in current events. 

Another special interest area for John is in Scripture memorization and teaching Bible to younger boys. This past year John was on a Bible Quiz Team and was chosen to be involved in a Chicago Regional Tournament. On the home front he works with Grade 2 students every Wednesday night, training them in Bible and Scripture. 

John is presently studying aerodynamics with a future in aviation. Being enrolled with the Moore Academy has given him the opportunity and time to research and study subjects of his choice. He thinks it's wonderful. His experience with the Moore Academy has given his education a new dimension. Vigorous workouts with his Home school Varsity Basketball Team add an enjoyable activity for him. 

When asked how John likes "school," his mother relates that he loves the creative approach to education and the opportunities to do hands-on activities as well as research for his reports. Home schooling has given John the opportunity to work closely with his siblings, such as making gingerbread houses with his sister Erin and doing carpentry work with his brother David. As a family, one of their latest endeavors was "playing restaurant" while reading their homemade menu in Spanish and eating Mexican food they had prepared. Life is exciting in the Schindele home as creative academics are balanced with work and service.