Timeline of her life


TIMELINE of the Life of Dorothy Lucile Nelson Moore

1915     Born October 30 

1930     CA State Spelling Champion 1932 Gregg Shorthand Gold Medalist 

1932     Graduated as class valedictorian from Excelsior Union High School 

1934     Became a Seventh-day Adventist Christian while attending Pacific Union College, where she also served as Student Association Secretary, as two-term president of PUC women and taught college shorthand 

1937     Graduated with a B.A. from Pacific Union College in California 

1938     Married Raymond S. Moore 

1937-40     Taught in Artesia, California, public schools 

1944     Became a mother to Dennis 

1946     Co-invented painted illustrations on felt for Sabbath/Sunday Schools and wrote an early childhood column for the Sabbath School Worker 

1948     Became a mother to Kathleen 

1951     Traveled to Japan where she served as a teacher and the director of the College Choir and as wife of the President of Japan Missionary College 

1952     Honored by Japan’s Senior Prince Takamatsu (who had second helpings of her vegetarian cooking) along with his Princess 

1956     Traveled to the Philippines where she taught, while her husband served as President of Philippine Union College 

1958     Returned to the U.S. to serve as a remedial reading teacher at John Nevins Andrews Elementary School in Takoma Park, MD, while her husband served as Academic Dean of Potomac (now Andrews) University. 

1959     Received her M.A., Summa Cum Laude, from Andrews University. 

1960     Relocated to Loma Linda, CA, and co-founded the Loma Linda University Medical Center’s Cerebral Palsy Center, while her husband was University VicePresident 

1961     Founding Secretary-Treasurer of The Moore Foundation 

1962     Moved to Keene, TX, to teach, while her husband served as President of Southwestern Union College (now Southwestern Adventist University) 

1964     Founding Secretary-Treasurer of Hewitt Research Foundation 

1964     Relocated to Washington, D.C. with her husband (he served as Graduate Research and Program Officer for the U.S. Office of Education and did research for the President) 

1967     Moved to Hinsdale, IL, with her husband (he directed the Center for Advanced Intercultural Studies) 

1969     Located Hewitt Research Center in Berrien Springs, MI 

1972     Became Editor of The Family Report for Hewitt Research 

1975-2001 Co-author of eight books on education, discipline, health and child development, including a Readers Digest book. 

1976     Co-founded the Weimar (health & education) Institute in California 

1987     Became Director of the Moore Academy and Publisher/Editor of the Moore Report International, pioneering homeschool journal 

Looking back on the life of Dorothy Moore:


  • Devoted Christian wife, mother, counselor, writer, speaker, editor, lecturer...
  • Athletic, in spite of having suffered Rheumatic Fever at age 6.
  • Worked 10 and 12-hour days - early to bed and early to rise...
  • Tot's Sabbath School leader for 40 years
  • Friend of minorities and those in need
  • Mother to troubled teens, especially seven as "chosen" children.
  • Grandmother of the homeschool movement and the Moore Formula
  • Gourmet pure-vegetarian cook
  • Frugal manager, rarely spending on herself
  • Sharer with her husband in over 2000 media interviews: Radio/TV/Press
  • Honoree of the King and Queen of Nepal and of Eagle Forum's Phyllis Schlafly (as one of America's leading women), etc.