Letters from our Friends


Special Thanks from the Moore Family:


Dear Friends, We would love to answer personally each one of the thousands of cards, letters and emails that have flooded in, since our beloved wife and mother went to sleep in Jesus’ arms. You are all so precious to us. What an overwhelming response of appreciation for what she did in her work for families over the years. Your outpouring of love is a special gift from God to hug and hold us, as if in His big, warm arms!!! Thank you all, and God bless you!


[Editor's note: The Moore Family & Foundation/Academy staff wanted to share all of the letters that we got from people all over the world, they have been so special to us. However, it is estimated that we have received close to a thousand letters in response to the passing of Mrs. Moore. We are unable to include them all for lack of space. We share some of them here with you and may continue to share some of letters in upcoming issues as well.]


Dear Pat [Dr. Moore's assistant], … I have been homeschooling since ’94 because of them, and would never be able to thank them for what they have been used by God to do for my family and I… I know that God took his tired servant home, and so I rejoice for her rest. I rejoice for her life touched so many and still will many more. She will be remembered dearly for her mentoring of so many of us mothers, but alas she has finished her course. Please know that we pray for you all at Moore Foundation as well as for Dr. Moore and Kathy and other family members, for the cloud of peace and comfort to rest upon you all and waft you into the presence of the Almighty during this time. We love you all for giving and sharing of yourselves so much, and want you to know how much you are all appreciated. May God continually give you strength to go on each day. - B.D. 


I heard Dr. James Dobson interview the Moores and I began homeschooling as a result. I was elated to find them speaking in Arizona and I remember the day. I took $200 ready to buy “The Curriculum” for our four year old daughter. By the end, I bought books to read to her. Our son was two at the time and he enjoyed the books, too. I never found “The Curriculum” yet, I found the Moore Formula. Our daughter finished homeschooling and was awarded the honor of giving the graduate speech for Arizona Families for Home Education. Our son who is now 16 is a Moore boy, too. –S.G.L., Coolidge, Arizona 


Dear Dr Moore,
I know there is nothing words can do to ease the pain and emotions of a time such as this, but I just wanted to write, upon hearing of your wife’s passing, to say how much of an inspiration your books have been to us. They were the catalyst to start us on the road of homeschooling and are greatly appreciated. The Lord has used you and your wife in a mighty way to reach many people all over the world and she will be sorely missed. Once again, thank you for the blessing you and your wife have been in our lives, and those of our children, and may you know God’s continual blessing and peace. - With kind regards, S.S., Christchurch, New Zealand 


Dear Dr. Moore,
We were very sorry to hear about the passing of your wife. Thank you for all that you and your wife have done over many years to encourage homeschoolers. We heard you and your wife discussing home schooling with Dr. Dobson on Focus on the Family during the mid 1980’s. It was such an inspiration to us that we are now in our 11th year of home schooling! What started out as an experiment to try for a year or two has grown to 11 years of sowing into the lives of our 3 children. We feel they are our most valuable investment of our time. Thank you so much for encouraging us to spend this time with our children. We have no regrets and we appreciate all that you have done to encourage so many people like us. May the Lord comfort you and your family during this time. - Sincerely, D. & D.M. Buffalo, NY 


Dear Dr. Moore and family,
Our hearts go out to you at this time of loss. I had the privilege of helping host a seminar by you and your precious wife twice here in Lodi, California. I know you know that you have no idea how many lives you and Dorothy have touched. Our family is one. I was so inspired by your passion and seemingly endless energy. And the wisdom!!! The homeschooling community owes so much to you and Dorothy. Thank you, thank you! I cried when I heard of her death. She is like the grandma of homeschooling. It is my prayer that we will pick up her torch and carry on. 


Soon, soon Jesus will come and you will be reunited with your wonderful wife, mom and grandma. In the meantime we will lift you to the throne of grace with our prayers. - In deepest sympathy, D. & J.W. 


Dear Dr. Moore,
May our Lord Jesus comfort you in the loss of your sweet wife, friend and colleague, Dorothy Moore. We have been homeschooling for nineteen years now and have seven children whom have been profoundly influenced by yours and Mrs. Moore’s speaking, writing and prayerful devotion to the cause. You two were true educational pioneers—the Joshua and Caleb of the homeschooling movement. May God’s mercies be multiplied to a thousand generations, or until He comes, upon your family for your labor of love toward us. – L. & G. L.Navasota, Texas 


Dear Dr. Moore,
I am sorry to hear about your wife’s passing. I have greatly benefited from the work that you and she have done as pioneers in the homeschool movement. I went and heard you at a conference in Philadelphia about 17 years ago when I first considered homeschooling my 13 year old daughter who was struggling in school. You both were an encouragement to me. When we first began homeschooling we enrolled her with the Hewitt-Moore Foundation for the first year. I taught her from 8th grade through high school. She went on to college and graduated with honors despite several handicaps including having become deaf while in college. She is now endeavoring to develop her desktop publishing home based business. I am now teaching our 3rd child who is 12 yrs. old and has been diagnosed as ADHD. 


Thank you for what you and your wife have contributed to the homeschooling movement. I will look forward to meeting you both in eternity. My prayers are with you. – E.H. 


Dear Dr. Moore,
It is with sincere sympathy that we send you our condolences in the home going of your dear wife, Dorothy. Both of you have been such a great influence and inspiration to us over the years. 


When our first child was nearing school age we wondered what we were going to do. We had determined that she was such a follower that we knew if we put her in public school, we would lose her heart. My husband and I heard you and Dorothy when you were a guest of Dr. James Dobson one day. You opened up a “new” avenue for us to explore. We have home educated our three children since that day. Our oldest daughter graduated (from home) in 1999, and has gone on to take additional Music classes and is currently taking college level classes via the internet. She teaches violin from our home as well. We are still home schooling our 17 year old and 10 year old sons. 


Thank you for all that you and Dorothy have given to us. What we would have missed had we not heard you that day. We have had our ups and downs, but I would not trade this experience for anything else in the world. Thank you and Dorothy for lighting a torch and paving the way. God Bless you. - J.P., Tampa, Florida 


Dear Dr. Moore,
May you find comfort in the passing of your beloved, knowing the incredible influence she had on parents nationwide who were empowered in their commitment to their children through her encouragement and her willingness to share her success. Thank you for your undying support as well. You both have touched the lives of many thousands in awakening parents to their potential in exercising their inherent privilege and duty towards their little ones. May God bless you and yours with good health and peace of mind, and may the work you and your beloved fostered continue to grow. - Sincerely, L.K., Park City, Utah 


A special thank you to Raymond & Dorothy Moore. You have given us a new (“old”) approach to education that has made a major impact in our lives. Dorothy will be missed in the education community and has made a difference in the world. Your books were our first exposure to home education and gave us the confidence to home educate a year at a time & 20 years later are still home educating and will be for many years. We now see our children that are married planning to go that same direction. May God be that source of comfort and the peace of knowing what an incredible impact Dorothy & Raymond have made in this world and will make in many generations to come. A Heartfelt gratefulness, - G.&D., from northern Canada 


On behalf of the members of our support group we would like to express our sympathy during your time of loss. The work Mrs. Moore has accomplished has been such a blessing to homeschoolers nationwide. Her passing will be a loss to all. - In Christ, R. & K.M., Upper Cumberland Association of Christian Home Schoolers 


Dear Dr. Moore and all of the Moore Foundation,
I am so saddened for your loss of such an inspiration to so many, and your beloved family member. Praise Jesus, we will see Mrs. Moore on the other side. “Better Late Than Early” was the first book I ever read on homeschooling as I first contemplated homeschooling my own children. It is still so valuable to me. One of my children was a “delayed” reader – and that book was the anchor I clung to through some tough outside pressures. Praise God, that son did begin reading at age 8 1/2, and in one week was reading from National Geographic Magazine. I give this testimony many times over to also encourage others facing a similar situation - and always in conjunction with the title of the book that inspired and gave hope to me. 


Dr. and Mrs. Moore have touched so many lives. I am so thankful for their faithfulness to God, and for the positive impact they have had on so many children and those families seeking God’s way. - Blessings and God’s peace, P.B., FL 


I just learned of Dorothy’s passing and want to express my deepest sympathy to Raymond. Back in the late 80’s, I heard an interview on Dr. Dobson’s program with the Moores and realized homeschooling was a reasonable option for schooling children. (I only had one baby at that time.) Then I and my husband read the book, “Home Grown Kids” and we were convinced that that’s what we wanted to do. We did, and still do, homeschool our 4 children — aged 14, 12, 11, and 7. I have heard so many fellow home-schoolers say that that book was what started them on the journey! 


Thank you for your input and encouragement into our lives — I’m sorry that I waited too long to say this for Dorothy to hear — but maybe this will be of some comfort and encouragement to Raymond. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. - Sincerely, H.W. for the W. Family 


Dear Mr. Moore,
While I am sorry for your loss, I am very thankful for Dorothy’s life and the legacy that will continue to follow after our grandchildren and their children. Together you two have trained, inspired and equipped many parents and I am one of them. - Sincerely, M.D., Educational entertainment for your family 


Dr. Moore,
My wife and I are both grieving and celebrating with you during this time of separation from Dorothy. We began Home Schooling in the early 80s and were very encouraged by your books when we were required to appear before the School Board. We began our career under your guidance while you were still located in Michigan (I am originally from Michigan). We consider you to be “our grandparents in Home Schooling.” May God richly bless you in the days ahead as you travel His road in this life and may you look forward to the day when you will rejoin Dorothy in face to face fellowship with our risen Lord! - With deepest regards, G. & M.E. 


Dear Dr. Moore,
… I thank you so much for introducing us to home schooling. Our first exposure was way back in 1983, hearing you on the radio with Dr. James Dobson. Our first son was 2, & I was excited to then find a home school support group near our home in the Chicago area to help me prepare for this incredible journey. 


We read many of your books and began with your curriculum when our boys were 5 and 2. We soon were transferred to Houston, after researching the legal climate there & trusting God to resolve the issues there before our children were of compulsory school age. To make a long story short, we homeschooled both boys through their freshmen years in high school. Through the struggles and the victories I thank God for the opportunities with our children that would have been missed had they attended public and even private school. They would not have matured as well otherwise. A solid spiritual and academic foundation was layed that withstood the testing of 3 years of public high school, with one well into college and another about to leave the nest! They have thanked us for the experience and we have seen the home school community mushroom and thrive here… - In Christ, the Great Comforter, N.S. 


Dear Dr Moore,
I wish to extend my deepest sympathy to you in the passing of Mrs. Moore from earth to the arms of her Savior, Jesus, and her Heavenly Father. 


Mrs. Moore’s life work — (and of course you as well, Dr. Moore)— impacted my life and my children’s lives as I began homeschooling in 1989, especially that of my late-blooming son (although he was a late reader, the information you gave me allowed me to relax and let him play with his Lego’s and his “irrigation systems”—aka ditches in the yard.) I put him in school in 5th grade. He is now in all honors classes in 7th grade in a private school. More importantly, he loves to read and is very creative. 


I know that the knowledge you two have given me will also be passed on to my grandchildren as well. I thank God for His endowment of wisdom to the two of you, and praise Him for your faithfulness to share that wisdom with all of us… - Blessings, R.S. 


Dear Moore Family,
I want to let your family know that you are all in our prayers at this difficult time. I also wanted to let you know how much homeschooling has meant to our family. We began about 7-8 years ago, and your book was one of the first we read. Our children are learning much and maturing into fine Christian young people. We wanted to thank you for the role your encouragement played in our lives. May God bless, comfort and strengthen you today in the days to come. - In Sympathy, L. & J.R. and family 


…I’m grateful for the sacrifices Mrs. Moore made for the rights of parents of this country to educate their children as they saw fit. I’m sure she encountered many arguments against her beliefs, which I and others as home schooling parents agree with and continue to fight for. Our prayers are with you and your family. ~ F.C., Dallas TX 


Dear Dr. Moore,
…I never knew your wife, but as a homeschooling mother I appreciate all that the two of you have done over the years. I pray that I will be a nurturing, guiding mother to my three lovely children. On days when I feel the struggle or feel like an outcast because I prefer to be with my children, I thank God for the opportunity to be able to do this and for people like you and your wife whose support and encouragement will have lasting ripples for years and years, with children now and children to come… - A sister in Christ, T.D.E. 


Dear Dr. Moore,
Your beautiful wife and you have changed the course of our lives. In l982 Marcel and I had a baby boy at age 40, and wanted to do things differently with this added blessing. We had two teens, 18 and 15. Both had been pushed, and were burning out in learning rather than hungry. We read Better Late than Early, and home-schooled Micah as he was ‘ready’. What a joy and success! Besides his beautiful attitude at l9, I am also a teacher of teachers in home-schooling. Over the years your help has been passed on, and the ripples in the waters of life and education are endless in our circle of friends and acquaintances. 


Dorothy has truly lived a disciple’s life, and her reward in Heaven is great. May you find comfort in this, and our Love and Prayers and THANK YOU. - E.P. and husband M.P., Victoria, TX 


Dear Dr. Moore,
My heart goes out to you at this time of your wife’s passing. My prayers and thoughts are with you. I wanted to write and thank you for all the encouragement you and Mrs. Moore have been to me since I started home schooling my four children seven years ago. Your books helped me make the decision to homeschool in the first place. Thank you for all the hard work, support and encouragement you both have been to the homeschool community. We are grateful for pioneers like you. - Thank you and God Bless, L.W., Lovettsville, Virginia 


…I have always wished to thank the PEOPLE WHO HAVE GONE BEFORE ME. Because of you I am able to Homeschool my children without the battles of approval to be fought....thank you for all that you & your wife have done in this area....the freedom has become mine.
God Bless You, Mr. Moore. - Sincerely, V. G. 


Dearest Kathleen,
I just heard the news of your precious mother. I am so sorry for your loss, I am sure no words of comfort would be sufficient, but Christ is with you in this too. Your mother was a woman of great inspiration and has done so much for so many families! I Praise the Lord for what she did in the homeschooling community. Doubtlessly without her I would not be a homeschool mother today. She will be missed! I look very forward to meeting her face to face one day in the Kingdom.
Our deepest sympathy, A.K., (MommieK, manager of Project Titus2) and all of us at T2 


Dear Dr. Moore,
Please accept our sympathies at the death of your precious wife, Dorothy. We appreciate all that she stood for along side her wonderful husband. The seeds she has planted continue to grow into beautiful strong plants. Love in Him,
The S. Family